Photo: Anna Riikonen

Photo: Anna Riikonen

Open heart, open mind.

Like many people before me, I came to yoga as a physical practice. I soon noticed my body becoming more strong, flexible and toned. I also noticed it had a profoundly calming effect on my nervous system and that it helped me cope with the stress of running a family and working full time. I was totally hooked in a few months. Now I can honestly say that yoga has changed the way I look at life, it has given me the tools to observe what is happening in my life without attachment. I have stopped taking everything personally and have embraced my feelings, also when they are not positive. My outlook on life is much more positive and I wish this shift to all of my students.

The physical and mental benefits of yoga have also been scientifically studied and confirmed.

Including it into your routine will help boost your health, increase strength and flexibility and reduce symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. It may also help you on your journey towards weight loss, as you become more aware and present with your food.

Carving the time to practice yoga every week (or day!) will make a noticeable difference to your health.