I have worked with Stefania over the period of 5 months. She first helped me assess my life situation with an holistic approach, then we jointly set progressive and measurable goals.

My objectives included radical changes in my regular diet and I was surprised and proud when I succeeded in changing my negative habits. In 5 months I have changed routines I had struggled with for years and made other changes I didn’t know I needed!

Stefania guided me whenever I got stuck and offered emotional support throughout the months we worked together. Our calls represented a moment of self care in a otherwise hectic life. We set some smaller milestones biweekly to work towards my long term goals and that broke the whole process into small steps.

I would recommend Stefania’s services to anyone who wants to feel more in control of their own lives or needs radical change in their habits but struggles to achieve without guidance.

Paola, private client (health coaching)

Working with Stefania? First of all, Stefania does not make it feel like it's a client-professional relationship. Somehow, since day one I felt at ease. Never mentioned this, but I have a serious problem in conversing on the phone with people I don't know and that was actually an obstacle I surpassed on my own.

Then, Stefania just made it easy to actually look forward for the next session. You see, Stefania is not there to give me the answers. Instead, she makes me realize that I already have the tools to work towards a better me and a more positive and fulfilled life.

Stefania does not rush me. She does not set unachievable goals. Stefania makes me step back and analyze things. She encourages me and makes sure that every victory (even if small) is celebrated. I believe every person, at some point in their lives, should have the opportunity of having a health coach. Life is meant to be enjoyed and Stefania makes sure of that.

soraia cunha, private client (health coaching)

Weekdays at communication agencies are hectic, the work requires both tolerance of working under pressure and creativity. Stefania Yoga & Wellness’ office yoga classes have brought our staff a welcome moment to recharge. Yoga has been one of the most awaited moments of the week, whose positive influence is carried on long after the following days. As a teacher Stefania is very likeable and will consider the needs of both beginners and more advanced yogis. Furthermore, everything was arranged smoothly and hassle free for us. We can warmly recommend Stefania’s yoga classes to every office!

Elina Piskonen, head of service design at Kaiku Helsinki

Our staff feels they have gained more flexibility and extra energy. Some of us have also started to practice  at home some of the things we learnt. We especially have liked that Stefania has a gentle approach and everyone is allow to progress at their own pace. It’s good that the exercise suit people who work at a desk and every time our practice is little bit different, some quieter yin and some more dynamic flow led by our breath’s pace. The only negative is that we don’t have yoga more often :)

maria kaunismaa, people and operations manager at cubiq analytics

Stefania is an absolute sweetheart, knows a lot and explains well why you are doing certain things. She creates comfortable and calm atmosphere plus she makes the sessions fun too. I absolutely loved our couple yoga session and felt connected to my husband afterwards because of the exercise we did together with Stefania. I would recommend SY&W happily as she is a total professional and easy person to be around. She is a great teacher and is very flexible to modify the class for your needs. I'd say it's Stefania’s pleasant and hospitable personality as well the knowledge she has. To me it's not only about the exercise itself, but also knowing WHY I'm doing things and WHAT will the benefits be. Stefania explains all this understandable way. You'll love working with her!

salla, private client(yoga)

Calm and easy atmosphere. Easy to ask questions and for help if needed. No pressure to complete tasks. I tried private couple yoga lesson for the first time. Easy to talk with her and can make a plan work for your needs :)

John, first time yogi

“We tested Stefania Yoga & Wellness’ mindfulness class with our team and clients in mind. Together we organised a moment to pause right in the middle of the working day, by the fireplace surrounded by candles at our rooftop sauna in Lauttasaari. The purpose was to forget stress and busyness and to gain new energy for the rest of the work day. Stefania’s style in guiding the participants into mindfulness’ world is calm and genuine, allowing first timers to understand what it is all about and how they should feel during and after the exercise. Organising the event with Stefania Yoga & Wellness was easy and hassle free, and we got just what we expected. We often forget to stop for a moment and listen to ourselves, which is a very important skill for all of us. “

SAAra NIEMI, Community Manager at Business Center Papula

I can highly recommend Stefania Yoga & Wellness. I am confident that your company can also find a suitable and useful service.  The best thing about SYW is that the collaboration was customer centred: we found exactly the package that our company needed. We had a full course of Kids Yoga classes; our staff took away new ideas to implement in their daily routine and asked for more SYW courses in the future.

heidi ruhala, ceo at ankkalampi

Organising yoga in the workplace is an easy way for people to try yoga and to obtain a moment of self-care during their busy routines. If needed, Stefania will bring the yoga mats, so every one doesn’t even need to have their own. A regular morning practice with my colleagues felt cozy and comfortably unofficial. Our Thursdays with Stefania have been some of the week’s best moments. Her classes include joy and laughter, pushing your body’s boundaries and always end in a moment of silence, which ties it all in.

LAURA LARRES, marketing manager at artek