Health Coaching

Photo: Wilhelm Ohman

Photo: Wilhelm Ohman

A Holistic Approach to Health and Nutrition.

The body is a perfect machine that given the opportunity will heal itself. Below are the theories that are at the base of my work as a Health Coach.

Bio- individuality

One person’s food is another person’s poison, a one-fits-all approach will inevitably fail you.
Each body has different needs and each person is unique in size, genetic assets and cultural background. My approach is personalised to YOU, according to your needs.

Your lifestyle will have huge impact on the type and amount of foods you need: can you imagine a fireman eating the same way as a ballerina? Exactly.


Crowding out and Deconstructing Cravings

Our brain is geared up to want exactly what you are told you can’t have, which makes dieting a really painful and unsustainable process.

Knowing this, instead of taking unhealthy foods out of your diet, we focus on introducing new healthy ones. Little by little, as you eat more and more healthy foods, you will find you naturally crave less of the “bad” ones.

At the same time we will deconstruct your cravings and find out what is causing them.


Primary and Secondary Foods

Primary foods are the areas of life that deeply affect our health (our lifestyle):

  • Relationships

  • Physical Activity

  • Career

  • Spirituality

Secondary foods are the food we ingest.

Understanding that there is a connection between your lifestyle and your eating habits, is key to making positive changes. Primary foods overrides Secondary foods, which is why you can eat all the broccoli and kale in the world and still be unhealthy.